The human voice is probably the most versatile of musical instruments. Whatever type of programme, the quality and tone of the voice presenting it has a huge effect on viewers perceptions.


Between us we have recorded literally thousands of voices so we think we know a little bit about it. We have worked with top actors through to untrained business people and we have managed all kinds of projects from talking books and corporates to broadcast documentaries and even the automatic pilot system of an attack helicopter.

Whether you just need an hour to record a simple script or two or three days for multiple language versions, management of any project is vitally important. Scripts need formatting and printing, artists need to be available and everyone needs to hear what’s going on. Our hourly rate includes time for us to manage your project efficiently to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

You can attend recordings with clients in our comfortable studio or we can patch you in over a telephone or Skype connection to remotely direct the session. We have an ISDN line for high-quality connections to other studios and voice artists around the world. You can supply your own voice talent or we can find a voice for you at very competitive rates. We have our favourite, trusted artists who we work with on a regular basis. Have a listen to some of their work here.


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Peter Allis Voicing for Portmarnock Golf

19 Mar 2012

Peter popped into Dubmaster at the beginning of March to record the introduction to the St Andrews & Jacques L├ęglise Trophies for Portmarnock Golf...
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