There is no magic button that you can press to get your project to sound great. Capturing the best possible location sound is certainly a good place to start, but what happens afterwards is just as important.


Audio post production is all about getting the most from the sound elements and producing an audio mix that runs seamlessly and enhances the photography and editing.

With audiences now viewing material on a wide range of devices, it’s more important than ever that audio should sound as good as it can on anything from a tiny laptop speaker to iPod earbuds, home cinema systems, large PA’s and even ‘phones.

While modern editing systems offer multiple audio tracks and some rudimentary audio tools, the editing environment is often not the best place to fine tune the audio. The facilities that we have mean that we can offer clients an efficient and low cost alternative to having to mix their own audio. Remote working techniques mean that we can work right alongside your editor giving you more time to concentrate on last minute picture tweaks.

Both studios obviously offer an audio friendly environment with excellent monitoring options so that we can really hear what’s going on.

Our Sadie DAW systems are used worldwide and offer unrivalled editing and mixing power. Amendments and changes are easy and projects always get archived for any future reversioning. A range of audio tools are used to clean up unwanted sounds and optimise every audio element to produce crisp and punchy mixes.

As well as helping us smooth out the bumps in location sound, our large sound effects library helps us create believable soundtracks for archive material where the original soundtrack is unavailable or unusable.

Where a simple sound effect isn’t enough we can make our own using a wide range of synthesisers, samplers and other sound design tools. We write and produce music for picture too.

Whether you just need a few hours to put the final polish to your soundtrack or you need more help with larger projects we always aim to find the most efficient, low-cost and painless solution.

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Dubmaster are providing medical sales voiceovers in 12 languages

14 Nov 2011

Dubmaster are providing all voice artists and production skills producing medical sales voiceovers in 12 languages for TC Communications, scheduled to complete by end of February 2010....
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